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Mygreens is an online vegetarian meal box subscription service. Every week you will receive all the ingredients and a recipe card to make three delicious vegetarian meals. 
Yes, we provide all the ingredients to make each of the three meals. We don't supply water or oil for cooking. 
Yes, each of the recipe cards includes the nutritional information for each of the meals made with the ingredients provided by Mygreens. The recipe cards also include important allergy information. A detailed list of ingredients can be found on the website for each of the recipes - follow the 'Meals' link in the menu. Each of the recipe cards have a unique QR code; if you scan them with your smart phone or tablet device using the camera, it will take you straight to that recipe on the website. Click on the 'Ingredients' tab for the full list of ingredients; allergens are shown in bold.
You will receive your first meal 7 to 10 days after payment has been for the initial order. All further boxes will arrive to your door weekly.
Of course! If you need to pause your order for example you are going on holiday, just navigate to the 'My Account' section and scroll down to the 'Manage Upcoming Orders' section. In here you can skip an order so no payment is taken from your account.
Please remember your orders are delivered one week after the order. So if you will be on your holiday on the week commencing the 14th, you need to 'skip shipment' for the order on the 7th of the month i.e the week before your holiday. 
You are free to cancel your subscription at any time. Obviously we will be sad you have left us, so please leave us a comment so we can improve our service.
To cancel your subscription, navigate to 'My Account' and scroll down to the 'Cancel Subscription' section, click on the button 'Cancel My Subscription'. Alternatively if you just want a break, you can pause your subscription. Just navigate to 'My Account' under My Subscriptions there is a link 'Pause Future Orders'. When you are ready to resume click on the link 'Resume Future Orders'. 
At the moment no! But we hope to be able to offer this feature in the future. 
If you need to update your card details e.g. your card has expired, navigate to the 'My Account' section and scroll down to 'Payment Information'. Click on the button 'Change Payment Information'. An e-mail will be sent to you with a secure link to change your card details. 
No. Each purchase provides a license for a single Shopify store. If you wish to use the theme on multiple stores, you will need to purchase additional licenses.
Yes. The homepage is fully customizable with several different blocks to choose from. You can use only what you need. You can also turn sidebar widgets on and off in your theme settings.
Yes. We have functionality built in that calculates the height of grid items so everything will look uniform even if you have variable product image sizes.
Absolutely! While almost any theme will allow you to add videos to your product description, we take it one step further by allowing you to add videos right to your product gallery! You can also show as many videos as you want without cluttering up your product description.
Yes! We've built-in support for Shopify's free product reviews application. Simply install the application, enable it in your theme settings and the theme does the rest. No custom coding or theme editing is required.
Check your theme settings under "Header." There are some settings there to help you line up your menu.
We've written extensive documentation for this theme. It is conveniently divided into sections for easy review. Please read that carefully if you encounter issues. If your issue is not addressed in documenation, please send in a support request and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.