Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mygreens?

Mygreens is an online vegetarian meal-box subscription service.

You choose which meals you would like to make, and we provide you with all the ingredients and a recipe card to make your choosen meals.  

Are all the ingredients included in the box?

Yes, we provide all the ingredients to make each of the three meals. The recipe cards and meals on the website show if you need to supply any additional ingredients. These are typically oil for cooking, water, salt and milk.

Do you provide the nutritional information for each recipe?

Each of the recipe cards includes the basic nutritional information and allergens for the meal.

For more details on the ingredients and nutritional information, please visit the website page for the meal.

When will my box arrive?

Local delivery to the Stockport area takes place on Sunday's and Monday's. Delivery to other addresses are via next day courier and should arrive on Tuesday.

I am not receiving e-mail notifications.

You should be receiving information via e-mail about your order, when it has been placed and when it has been fulfilled.

Please check your Junk or Spam folders for our notifications, and move them to your Inbox.

What kitchen equipment do I need?

We suggest, a large frying pan, a saucepan, an oven proof dish, a oven tray, sharp knive to prepare the ingredients (a mini chopper can save time), and a wooden mixing spoon. 

Can I recycle the packaging?

The delivery box and paper bags are made from recycled paper, so when finished please put these in your home recycling bin so they can be 'reborn'. The plastic packets are compostable bioplastic derived from plant sugars. These can be safely put into your rubbish bin or composte bin. The ice packs contain filtered water, which can be emptied down the sink and then the packaging can be recycled. The insulated bags are made from sheep wool, which is biodegradable. 

There are missing or faulty items with my box?

Please accept our apology, we aim to ensure every box is perfect but if things do go wrong, please tell us so we learn and improve our service to you.

If any of the produce is faulty it would be great if you could take a photo and send it to us at 'hello@mygreens.co.uk' with your name, address and order ID.

Where do I go if I need more help?

We are more than happy to help, please contact us at 'hello@mygreens.co.uk'