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All the ingredients in the right amounts ....

For a long-time I’ve been wanting to share my vegetarian and plant-based recipes for everyone to enjoy. It can however become so expensive to buy all the ingredients required to make each the different recipes. So it seemed a great idea if all the ingredients to make the recipes were conveniently provided in the correct portion sizes along with a recipe card to make each dish.

With more people adopting a flexitarian diet the demand for vegetarian and plant-based food has increased, however it can be difficult to think of good recipes that isn’t just a combination of a lot of vegetables. While fresh vegetables are obviously very good for you; the body needs a balanced diet and for people cutting down on meat it's important to find good sources of protein.

I find when I eat healthy food I also feel good. At Mygreens we understand the importance of good nutrition; so we carefully prepare each meal to include fresh vegetables, complex carbohydrates and protein. Each meal is chock-full of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, complex carbohydrates for slow releasing energy and amino acids for muscle re-growth. 

I hope you enjoy creating the meals as much as I do.